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I'm the wrong guy to ask. but since you did ;-) my thought

Posted on: June 9, 2020 at 18:27:03 CT
TigerFan92 STL
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is that the stock market is on hope. It is fine where it is but it won't make a big jump until the economy catches up with the hope.
We lost 1/4 of the profits for the year basically for about 1/4 of the country. Pay was made up for by guvmint but we still will have poor earnings for this year.
Next year YOY will look good and should take off again IMO

I just invest in the newest companies that seem to have a high potential. 50% of my play money which isn't big money like my 401K which has 10X the $$s. The other half is in tech index like QQQ, traditional moneymakers, or investments that mirror where I see things going. Hell I even bought $2K Ford thinking the new Bronco would give it a pop and covid took it down and now finally back to where I bought it..... no Bronco release yet... ugh

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