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Letter from Coach Drink

Posted on: May 22, 2020 at 15:47:49 CT
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I love this dude more and more, but not sure about the ask at the end. Who is buying tickets for fall 2020 right now?

Dear Mizzou Fans,
On behalf of our players, coaches and staff, thank you for continued support of Mizzou Football, and during this unprecedented time, I hope that you are healthy and safe.
Earlier today, the SEC Presidents and Chancellors voted to allow student-athletes in the sports of football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball to return to campus for voluntary workouts on Monday, June 8. This is the next step, and an exciting one, as we continue preparations for opening our 95th season on Faurot Field Sept. 5 against Central Arkansas. Mizzou’s team trainers and physicians have received tremendous guidance from MU Health Care, university, city and county officials, as well as the SEC Medical Task Force, in drawing up a comprehensive plan to keep our players, coaches and staff safe upon their return to Columbia.
Since being allowed to return to our offices two weeks ago, our coaches have been practicing social distancing while preparing for the 2020 season, continuing to build relationships with our current players and recruiting future Tigers! When we do get everyone back to campus, the safety and well-being of our players will be paramount.
Our players and coaches are pumped to get back together in preparation for the upcoming season, and we hope you will make plans now to be at Memorial Stadium (and make one trip to Arrowhead Stadium) this fall. If you have not renewed or requested your 2020 season football tickets or TSF contribution, please take a moment to do so today, as I can assure you that your presence in the stands will make a difference!
Stay safe until we can all come together this fall to cheer on our Tigers!

Eliah Drinkwitz
Head Football Coach
University of Missouri
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