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Anyone really think playing major sports this fall is likely

Posted on: May 22, 2020 at 09:06:31 CT
Macgrantt MU
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unless there's a vaccine which is unlikely. Maybe karens will accept the CV as just a more deadly flu (fat chance)? This is also unlikely in major metro areas like NY, Chicago, LA etc. which have teams.

The most important issue is do you think if they tested everyone connected with a football team, coachs, assistants, assistants to the assistant, players, trainers, film operators, food providers, servers, locker room personnel,etc that ALL will test negative? Some probably would test positive but aren't symptomatic. Aren't you asking a question you don't want to hear the answer to if you test all, including the nonsymptomatic? Moreover, there's false positives. Do have to then quarantee or will the new decision be to just move on if the person is positive but nonsymptomatic.?

Some obviously have an immune system and have natural antibodies to fight this but could test positive. It's a mess.

Imagine Mahomes testing positive right before the Houston game and having to sit for 2 weeks.It's a mess.
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Anyone really think playing major sports this fall is likely - Macgrantt MU - 5/22 09:06:31
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