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A very serious issue for most P5 programs , Including Mizzou

Posted on: May 21, 2020 at 22:53:34 CT
ScottsdaleTiger MU
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To put things in perspective,

The Tiger AD has a 105-110 million budget.

The article suggest that the Tiger AD got or expects to 38.5 million from football. I would suggest that understates football revenue.

a. I've seen football game revenue for the season projected at 18 to 20 million. The article suggests 38.5 million.

b. The TSF raised about 27-28 million in 2018-19. Donations are required for better seats, parking, etc.

c. The SEC distribution for 2018-2019 was 45.5 million (it's primarily tv money from the Networks (including SECN), bowl distributions, CFB playoff distributions and NCAA Tournament distributions.

Put those sums together and you get a 90 to 95 million number. That's virtually all the AD's revenue (except Men's BB).

You can argue about the size of the numbers, but it's easy to see the AD taking a 50% or greater revenue hit, i.e. 50 to 60 million or more.

Normally, the University just covers any negative cash flow in the AD, but those are usually only a few million dollars (i.e. 1 to maybe 3 or 4 million). A 50 million dollar negative cash flow is a very different story.

Compounding the problem is the school President announced the Columbia campus suffered a 180 million revenue short fall for 2019-2020 due to class closures, residence hall closures, etc, essentially all the actions taken this spring. He didn't indicate if there was a negative cash flow, but with 180 million revenue shortfall on a 1.3 billion budget, . . ..

These suggest that if the football season can be played in some fashion, even games for TV only in empty stadiums, it will be. Mizzou is certainly not the only school facing this problem and some are undoubtedly worse, some better.

And if football isn't played, the floor is open for suggestions . . ..
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