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They better get their asses handed to them given all of

Posted on: May 20, 2020 at 17:24:48 CT
Erwin Fletcher STL
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the shyte they have done over the years that finally has been brought to light. FBI Williams fund ticket bullshyte etc. Good god if they skate again the NCAA would need to grab their own ankles.
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     They better get their asses handed to them given all of - Erwin Fletcher STL - 5/20 17:24:48
     RE: kU gets an “independent panel” to hear case - MOCO SON MU - 5/20 10:34:32
     Where is the "journalist" Vahe Gergorian? - Cole Thornton MU - 5/20 10:01:44
     The beaks will just pay them off. Nm - BandG MU - 5/20 08:46:03
     An independent review would be bad for kU. - tgr MU - 5/20 07:26:25
          And Kansas cannot appeal their decision either, it's final. - ChuckM MU - 5/20 10:54:05
          Who decides if they get referred or not? And if they don't - MNTIGER MU - 5/20 08:08:02
               The Infractions Referral Committee and yes, it would be the - tgr MU - 5/20 08:22:27
     You don't get options like that when you bend over for - Uncle John KC - 5/19 22:50:35
          Unfortunately for us, they started that process after our - go tigers MU - 5/19 22:52:39
     You are probably right, but I hope they hammer them. (nm) - go tigers MU - 5/19 21:49:14

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