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Under the circumstances I'd say probably EE

Posted on: May 20, 2020 at 12:27:33 CT
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Exceeds expectations.

Coming in for the first time, quickly established relationships and won the trust of several prominent high school coaches and athletes especially in East St. Louis. There seems to be a buzz around the eastern side of the state and he has beaten out some traditional powers for a few recruits.

That said, there's not as much talent on the western side of the state, but he has whiffed on a couple of kids I would have thought we'd have a good chance with namely Beau Stevens from Blue Springs. He still has a shot at another top 10 player the kid from Lincoln prep.

Once he gets more established, I'd think his work so far would be graded AE, achieved expectations, since he'd be doing what any Mizzou coach should do, namely do well in the state.

Still a ways till signing day though, things could change.

Just MHO.
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