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I am a long time college football junkie and I seldom post

Posted on: May 18, 2020 at 14:53:28 CT
Ozland Tiger LSU
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about any other teams prospects going forward but I will about 2020 Missouri football.
I like Missouri chances going forward.
From the outside looking in last years team on paper was very capable of winning 10 games and with the right bounce more. The team under performed due to a combination of poor QB play and injuries to key personnel. There may have been more dynamics at play that I am not privy to but clearly the team under performed against teams it should have prevailed against.
I agree with Coach Drink’s assessment that there is a solid foundation in place and if play makers are found this team can perform at a high level. Offensively I believe this team is going to be a run first, read option offense with a strong vertical passing game very similar to Auburn.
Defensively it looks like a hybrid 4-2-5. Need improved safety play.

The team definitely needs one of the QB’s to step up. Every one is thinking no more than a ceiling of 6 wins for the team with a minor bowl. I think 7-8 wins with a chance for a 9th win in a decent bowl.

Team depth is the major concern going forward. That and finding play makers on offense.
In short, I think we will witness the Missouri team we should have seen last year.
I trust your Missouri coaches to find a way even if the team has to be cobbled together with bailing wire and bandage wraps.
There is an old saying that a team is never as bad as it looks and never as good as it thinks. Missouri is way better than it showed last year and I think the players will play hard for their new coach.
MIZ-SEC ——-oz

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