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I’m most impressed with Dixon from Kansas State...

Posted on: May 10, 2020 at 11:52:34 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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She seems to clearly have the most upside of the 3 transfers coming in, much more so than Williamson (Arizona) and this one, D’Cruz from UAB.

Playing on a mediocre 12-15 UAB team, D’Cruz lead them in blocks but was only 6th on the team in kills and points. And she wasn’t even good enough to be named to the 22 person Conference USA all conference team. How not being anything close to a standout in a mediocre VB conference like Conference USA translates to being an impact player in the SEC is the question. Sorry, guess I woke up cranky this morning, going stir crazy like everyone else.

Yes it’s good to add some depth at MB, although Dillon held her own when she started the last 4 matches of the year after Caffey was suspended. But I’m not seeing the excitement for this transfer, or Williamson. Dixon is another story, she has proven to be an impact player in the Big 12, and while OH is not a position of need for us this year, we desperately need a big talent infusion from 2021 on after we graduate our stud senior class this year. Dixon will be a key for the team in 2021 and 2022.

Look for even more transfers in the future. I read somewhere we have 3 freshmen signed for 2021, but know nothing about them or how highly ranked that class will be. This years freshman class did not even get rated an honorable mention in the Prep Volleyball rankings of 2020 classes. In those rankings, 4 SEC teams made the top 25 incoming classes:

1. Kentucky
7. Florida
22. LSU
25. TAMU

High honorable mention included: Arky, Georgia, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Miss State.

Honorable mention included: Alabama, Auburn, SC.

Vandy and Mizzou were the only recruiting classes in the conference to not even get honorable mention.
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