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Coach Anderson is relatively quietly...

Posted on: May 9, 2020 at 13:28:03 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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bringing a lot of talent to Mizzou. I think this current class, before Vargas, was rated 26 or 28 by some service. She’s also one of the best player developers out there, and has an excellent staff, in particular the hitting coach who has already made significant strides with some players (Hattie Moore in particular).

I also like that she is still pulling in some good talent from the East, where she has connections, like Schumacher, Laird, and Nicholson. In addition of course to getting Ex-Hofstra players like Wert, Dandola, and Myint to follow her here. The East isn’t a hotbed of recruiting but there is some real talent there. I’d like to see our recruiting include more players from the real hotbeds, the SE, California, etc. and of course lock down the best players in MO. But she is off to a good start here with recruiting, and it will only get better when Mizzou is back as a consensus top 15 type program, which is the direction she has us heading.
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