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Posted on: May 8, 2020 at 11:52:34 CT
tigerden MU
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I got to view an interview with Coach Pingeton yesterday.
She talked about all the players that will be on the team next year. She had praise of course for all of them.
A few hi lights, Membele can guard players 94 feet, excellent defensive player. Dickson a combo guard who can really pass the ball, and great court savvy. I look for Williams to play a fair amount of the 4 position, I’ve heard Coach Pingeton allude to this a couple times now. That might be just my impression.
The transfer from Auburn really got a tour of the campus using ZOOM. She didn’t get an official visit. Coach loves the energy she plays with. Most likely has to sit out.
Schedule isn’t fully set, but we go to Nebraska, and Princeton. We play TCU in the SEC/Big 12 challenge. Because of the budget shortfalls they will be playing more games in Missouri and other shorter distances this season.
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