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Several reasons for Mizzou turnovers

Posted on: May 7, 2020 at 14:19:54 CT
Mormad MU
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First, you have point guards who can't handle pressure or consistently make bad decisions. They panic and pull up and they're stuck. So then, they wind up lobbing high risk passes or simply get the ball swatted away as they're stuck in place.

Even if they beat the press, they'd often pull up and stop their dribble without the other offensive players having started the flow of the play yet. So now, they're at a 3 count and feeling rushed as the intended target of the pass is moving into position. They'd often throw high-risk, cross-court passes out of desperation. That may be a function of the bigs not moving on offense.

Blackwell gets out of control sometimes and makes some head-scratcher turnovers, but she's young and will hopefully learn. I just think she tried to do too much at times.

Our other bigs need to make quicker decisions. They often receive passes and hesitate (much like shooters on the Men's team) and by the time they react and go into motion, any advantage of the pass is lost as the defenders make up ground. I noticed this with Hannah S a few times this year. it cost her shooting room and often forced her to pass out of a possession where she should have had an open look. Or, she stalled and lost the space to make the next pass.

There was one game where Blackwell was in foul trouble and we played without Amber in the game as well and the passing and movement was just phenomenal for nearly a whole period. I can't remember which game - maybe 3rd period vs KY? In any event, we followed that period with one which was about as bad as that one was good.

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