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My holding now are indiviual stocks but

Posted on: May 6, 2020 at 12:57:10 CT
Macgrantt MU
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I have owned he Vanguard Total market and the QQQs.The QQQs are a good example of why I invest and stopped going to casinos. I bought 2K at 78 rode them down to the teens and kept them and eventually sold at 150, they now are 220. You wait long enough, things can recover. When you lose at a casino table, your money isn't coming back.

I watch some CNBC in the morning, follow the market on an app through the day but buy things I use. When I went to get a smartphone years ago I bought APPl. Amazon's and Netflix's utility became obvious years ago.My miilenial son and his vegan/ fitness trainer gf alerted me to BYND at it's IPO.

My latest buy was Boeing at 105, but I put a collar on it once it rocketed up with the put I bought at 135 for 7/17. I just figured it's too important to fail.

ZM was/is on my radrer but haven't yet pulled the trigger. I thought about Tesla last summer when I considered strongly getting one ( it then went from 150's to nearly 1000). I don't get the Wall St Journal
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          My holding now are indiviual stocks but - Macgrantt MU - 5/6 12:57:10
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