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So if you are keeping score at home...

Posted on: May 5, 2020 at 13:16:07 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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and I’m doing the math right, that means 4 players gone from last years team, plus 4 players coming in, 3 transfers plus one true freshman.

Wenting and Sents graduated. Caffey was suspended near the end of the season and subsequently transferred to B1G powerhouse Nebraska, and seldom used Paumann transferred to Santa Clara.

The true freshman is DS Emily Brown (Indiana), and the three transfers are:
Sophomore OH Anna Dixon from Kansas St
RS Sophomore DS/L Erin Williamson, Arizona
RS Junior MB Anna D’Cruz, UAB

Will be interesting to see if any of the 4 incoming players get significant playing time and make a significant impact. It’s not as critical this year as we have 5 starters returning, including the loaded senior class of Deberg, Omazic, Member-Meneh, and Hollingsworth. But it will be next year and beyond when that great senior class graduates, and Fuentes is a senior.

Dixon appears to be the best of the incoming players, even though OH is well stocked right now.

My bigger question, as it is with all fall sports, is will there even be a 2020 season and if so, does it start on time or get truncated in some fashion due to the pandemic. With the first exhibition matches usually around August 15, and the regular season starting the last week of August, seems like the girls would need to be on campus for preseason practice around the middle of July, does that sound about right?
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