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I wonder what the capacity of the dugout is...

Posted on: April 26, 2020 at 14:21:19 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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By my calculations when the incoming freshmen class gets here in August, we will have a roster of 34 players: 9 pitchers and 25 position players. That’s if Eli Daniel returns for another year, and I havnt seen a final word on that. I’ve heard that one of the freshmen, Frizell, is a great hitter and good pitcher too. Not sure how LA intends to use her but we are well stocked at pitcher now.

So when Mizzou is at bat there will be a hitter and someone on deck; does the dugout even hold 32 other players? Making all the pitchers sit in the bullpen would reduce the dugout capacity to 23, but that would be ridiculous.

And the 2021 season isn’t even the apex of insanity. That comes in 2022 when we lose either 0 or 1 seniors (depending on Daniels decision), and we bring in another freshman class, which typically has 6-8 players, which would push the roster into the 40 range, give or take.

Now will the number be that high? Certainly not. There will be some transfers. And, unfortunately, some of the girls who will have an extra year of eligibility in 2022 will have already graduated, and decide to get on with their lives and will choose to decline that extra year of eligibility. I say unfortunately, because those players include the strength and core of the team: Wert, Wilmes, Moore, Kessinger. If I was a betting man I’d say not all 4 of them will be here in 2022.

Coach LA has brought in 2 straight very good recruiting classes. I just hope they are all given the chance to play and improve here, but the numbers say that attrition will occur and players will move on to other destinations where they will have more of a chance to play.

The NCAA screwed up big time in granting everyone an additional year of eligibility.
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