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Well the pickings were pretty slim...

Posted on: March 25, 2020 at 19:42:35 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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They showed 3 football games, the home wins against WV, SC, and Ole Miss. The only other home wins we had were SEMO and Troy.

Softball they showed a good win over SC, and the wrong game against UT. We also had 2 good home wins against a top 10 Georgia team, and we swept a mediocre TAMU team at home also. Should have showed one of the wins over Georgia, or the CORRECT fricking game against UT.

The MBB game from 2020 was the nice upset over #11 Auburn.

Of course there were no WBB games remotely under consideration for “Missouri Day”.

Just a complete f/u by the Mizzou AD and/or the SEC Network to show a Mizzou loss on “Missouri Day”.

Jeez what idiot caused that to happen?
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WTF is wrong with the Mizzou AD and the... - bluetiger_ MU - 3/25 19:24:58
     that is pathetic indeed(nm) - SEC_BIG_GAMEHUNTER SEC - 3/30 10:29:49
     I wondered about that also - hoosierdaddy MU - 3/26 14:41:43
          Well I’ll tell you what probably happened... - bluetiger_ MU - 3/26 15:36:37
     I'd be interested to see what the ratings are for those - sprintcar STL - 3/26 08:41:18
          Ratings probably aren’t much... - bluetiger_ MU - 3/26 09:02:12
     The AD doesn't run the SEC Network - MizzouAstro MU - 3/25 21:16:39
          That’s why I said and/or below... - bluetiger_ MU - 3/25 22:33:42
     With little going on in the department these days - DollarSigns MU - 3/25 20:32:03
          It is possible we asked for the correct game. - zodiac6 JC - 3/25 21:06:59
     Oooo. Harsh words from such a pristine girl. Nm - yy4u MU - 3/25 19:30:58
     Overall I was looking through the lineup and was - Erwin Fletcher STL - 3/25 19:26:42
          Well the pickings were pretty slim... - bluetiger_ MU - 3/25 19:42:35

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