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Here's what I took from this link, in talking about

Posted on: March 25, 2020 at 19:16:47 CT
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Jackson. Obviously I completely agree with the unstated point, and have said so here. The answers here are also obvious.

"..He was a talented but flawed player, and giving him more minutes would have likely cost Mizzou a game or two.

But there’s the rub: what good did another win or two accomplish this season? Is it really that much better to go 15-16 than 14-17 or even 13-18? What’s the distinction — maybe a play-in game at the SEC Tournament and a bit of pride?

Why not give Tray Jackson (or Mario McKinney, for that matter) more room to run, to learn from his mistakes and allow him to play through them? What’s the point of a win now if you’re not building toward your best future later?"

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