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ESPNs way too early top 25 in WBB...

Posted on: March 25, 2020 at 17:00:36 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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No, Mizzou isn’t in it, but I am pretty certain they will be by the end of next season, perhaps even by the start of SEC play.

Here are the SEC teams and their rank:

1. SC
3. Miss St
12. Kentucky
18. TAMU
19. Arky

No Tennessee, which is mildly interesting, and shows not much confidence in 2nd year coach Kelly Harper.

And the TAMU rank looks like a hedge as to whether or not Chennedy Carter goes pro or not. If she comes back TAMU is probably more in the 9-12 range, and if she doesn’t they will be on the fringe of the top 25, at best.

SC, Miss St, and Kentucky are all going to be really good, and Arky loses one of their two top scorers but returns Dungee, and will be a veteran team with 3 5th year seniors. Those 4 will be the best in the SEC next year. Mizzou will be a lot better than this year, like night and day, but breaking into the top 4 is going to be tough.
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ESPNs way too early top 25 in WBB... - bluetiger_ MU - 3/25 17:00:36
     RE: ESPNs way too early top 25 in WBB... - DollarSigns MU - 3/25 17:11:37
          Exactly, they faded so badly down the stretch... - bluetiger_ MU - 3/25 17:32:00

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