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Right, I meant to imply that I don't see many others

Posted on: March 24, 2020 at 20:23:24 CT
DrViagra MU
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I mean Justin Gage played for a long time in the NFL and was a complete beast at Mizzou. I thought he would be top 15--not 26.

It looks like we will have only *two* true WRs make the cut (Maclin and Alexander). Nothing wrong with that. Add in Gage, Rucker and Coffman and it seems right. Just nobody from the past 10 years.

But Derrick Peterson going #27 with all of his National Championships and Olympic resume was a huge surprise too. He was severely undervalued, in my opinion.
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Justin Gage #26 on Matter's Top 30 - DrViagra MU - 3/24 16:03:01
     Coffman better be, so many of his catches were crazy. I - bcoop199 KC - 3/24 20:41:03
          I think it would have been ruled a catch in today's game. - Lt. J. Dangle MU - 3/25 08:45:22
     If Rucker is in it, there's no chance Coffman isnt... - mizzoumurfkc KC - 3/24 20:04:29
          Martin Rucker, probably one of the best TEs ever at Mizzou - Guinny_Ire MU - 3/25 10:18:02
               He sold his pants? (nm) - DrViagra MU - 3/25 11:11:36
                    RE: He sold his pants? (nm) - Guinny_Ire MU - 3/25 14:55:35
          Right, I meant to imply that I don't see many others - DrViagra MU - 3/24 20:23:24
     RE: Justin Gage #26 on Matter's Top 30 - Genco98 MU - 3/24 17:14:11
          If you've only been a member here for 10 months - ERB KC - 3/25 09:25:55

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