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Look at these two transfers specifically

Posted on: March 23, 2020 at 11:09:40 CT
APfor3 MU
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Mario McKinney was an intriguing prospect, but he was brutally raw, needed refinement and no outside shot yet. He had a lot to improve to earn more minutes. Mark Smith, Xavier Pinson, and Dru Smith were better options, period. Mario was a typical 4-year player who would need to work hard and take advantage of the opportunity when it came. He did not have the patience for that. That's too bad. Some guys think they are better than they really are.

Tray Jackson was an even more intriguing prospect because he had the height to go with the athleticism. Clearly, CM will not give minutes to FR could defend well and TJ was therefore stuck. Further, and I think this is important, we had three freshmen all battling for the same position with Braun, Brown, and TJ. That's a bit of roster imbalance. Not all three are going to be happy with minutes. CM went with Brown instead of TJ and then used Braun (who is also athletic) instead of TJ many times. TJ is tough to lose. He also seemed to have a good attitude unlike McKinney. I hope Brown and Braun can improve as much as I suspect TJ will.
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