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Tray needs more mental toughness and determination as the

Posted on: March 22, 2020 at 12:43:14 CT
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2018 Rock M Nation article below warned. CM was just the right coach to teach him that. It Tray is smart he'll pull out of the portal, work his tail off over the summer, and prove to himself and the coach how tough and focused he is. Transfer is the easy way out.


"A common refrain from those who track prospects in the Mitten is that Jackson’s ceiling is among the highest in the state, but too often his work rate on the class correlated with how frequently shots were dropping. Jackson’s explosive verticality resulted in emphatic rejections at the rim one possession, while his slipshod focus might lead to a botched rotation and layup the next time down the floor.

In Columbia, the debacles are more likely to stick in Martin’s craw than the flights of fancy are to delight. By now, it’s well known that defensive gaffes and passivity fighting for loose balls and rebounds will earn you a seat on the bench and a scolding in Martin’s husky baritone.
Now, scouts noted that Jackson appeared to take significant strides this summer. Sure, mistakes manifested themselves, but they were the outgrowth of Jackson trying to make a play — hunting for blocks or create a deflection in a passing lane — than through apathy. Or maybe it’s no coincidence that Jackson’s emerging tenacity coincided with blossoming offensive production.
Will that ebb, though, if Jackson hits turbulence translating at the collegiate level? “Is he going to stay in the fight?” one scout told me. “Because Cuonzo won’t stand for a guy pouting.”


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