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I will explain how to fix all levels of basketball from HS

Posted on: February 13, 2020 at 13:21:34 CT
alwaysright MU
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1. Shut down AAU.
2. Allow HS teams to play these summer leagues where they work with their actual HS coaches instead of the creeps the deal with in AAU.
3. An alternate option is to allow school districts to form all star teams to do the same thing if the kids with no shot at college don't want to commit to all the travel in the summer. Either way, this needs to be ran by HS coaches and some sanctioning body that is NOT a shoe company or AAU. Hell, the NCAA could direct it, or the NFHS could run it all.
4. You do not have to go to college to get to the NBA, BUT there is a very specific eligibility process that must be followed in order to be eligible for the NBA draft that does not involve listening to the advice of agents.
5. The weekend after the Final Four, the NBA holds a tryout. Anyone in the 4 classes from HS Sr through college Jr is eligible to attend. Every NBA team has 3 representatives present....coach, GM, scout. The NCAA & NBA agree that kids can attend with no threat to eligibility and that travel and meals can be covered.
6. At the end of the weekend, every NBA team is given a ballot. They rank the top 25 players. All of the ballots are tallied to determine a consensus ranking. Any player that is in the consensus top 25 is eligible for the NBA draft.
7. Those 25 players are guaranteed a minimum of a 1-year NBA rookie minimum contract. If they don't get drafted for some weird reason, they get a guaranteed 1-year NBA salary and are guaranteed a spot in the D-League.
8. Every other underclassman that is not eligible by being in the top 25, has choices. A. Go to or return to college. B. Go overseas. C. Hope and pray that you can catch on with a D-League team with the understanding that you 100% can NOT move up to the NBA for at least a year.

This achieves a lot of things.
It gets HS kids better, more consistent coaching.
It reinforces team play at the HS level more by eliminating the show off experience that is AAU.
It helps keep the kids that really don't want to go to college out.
It gives kids hoping to get to the NBA a real assessment that they can trust instead of all the BS that goes on now.
It keeps better talent in college longer because kids aren't forced to stay, but are given quality advice on what they chances are.
The NBA improves because a lot kids that enter will have more experience than they do now.

The number on problem in college basketball is not that 10 HS kids want to go direct to the NBA or even that 25 - 50 undeclassmen leave early. The big issue is when 70+ kids leave college early to enter a NBA draft that only selects 60 players and many of those are upperclassmen or foreign.
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