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Softball fans & parents. #LetThemPlay

Posted on: February 11, 2020 at 01:13:21 CT
Miz4Now MU
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Seeing more and more fans and parents posting #LetThemPlay and directing it towards @ncaa? I am guessing they are trying to get public opinion to put pressure on the ncaa? I like it. Anything is better than doing nothing.

Why have we not heard from either the AD or head of SEC about what they may be doing to get both SB & Bb into postseason?

They seem to have gone quiet after the appeal, though they both had strong words for the ncaa. was it only about trying to get the $$$ for bowl game? and now they don't care?

SEC tournament is not the ncaa tournament. How can both softball and baseball be eligible for a regular season Title but not the SEC tournament Title? its still SEC ?

As fans and alum what do you think we can do to help?
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Softball fans & parents. #LetThemPlay - Miz4Now MU - 2/11 01:13:21
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