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WBB at LSU tonight at 6pm on SEC Network...

Posted on: February 10, 2020 at 15:00:55 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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LSU is 16-5, 7-3, while we come in at 3-7, 6-17. On the road, on paper this shouldn’t be a close contest. But I have a feeling we take the momentum from the big road win against Georgia and play well tonight. If we keep it close, avoid too many turnovers, and take the game into the 4th quarter I like our chances of pulling off another upset. A win tonight would give us a fighting chance to finish at .500 in the SEC by going 4-1 in our last 5 games all against teams in the bottom half of the conference.

Need big scoring games by our three best players, 2/3 won’t do. We catch a break with one of LSUs best players sidelined with an injury.

There is a huge gap in tbe SEC this year between the top 7 teams (all of whom will make the NCAA tournament) and the bottom 7 teams. The bottom 7 teams are 3-37 against the top 7, with the only wins being Mizzou over this same LSU team at home, Georgia beating Arkansas on the road, and Alabama taking down Kentucky on tbe road with UKs star player sidelined.
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