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Let's look at some of those numbers.

Posted on: February 10, 2020 at 11:23:35 CT
alwaysright MU
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Our SoS was #59 in the country and next to last in the SEC.

Here are the passing yards per game rank of our D1 opponents:

9 Troy
16 Florida
54 WVU
72 UGA
74 SCar
75 Tenn
102 Ole Miss
103 Ark
115 Vandy
123 Wyoming
127 Kentucky

Troy looks high until you realize they played the #125 hardest schedule in the country of 130 teams.

Let's look at game by game in our SEC losses.

Vandy was about their season average in passing ypg against us.

Kentucky was well below their average ypg but they ran it for 300 yards, why would they pass?

Georgia was slightly below average in passing ypg against MU, but in a game where we did not score, they were in more ball control mode.

Florida had an above average passing day against us.

Tennessee had their best passing day of the year against MU.

Now, this kind of goes along with what I would argue in support of the defense.....in order to have a good defense, you have to generate some offense. And if Drink can correct the offense some, the defense will automatically get better simple because they won't have to play as much. Not just form a total #'s standpoint, but when they're rested they'll do better when they are out there.

So if somebody wants to really discuss it, the Mizzou defense was better than some people believe and it was worse than others believe, but the opportunity for them to be better without really "fixing" anything is certainly in front of them.
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