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Mizzou SB getting some respect

Posted on: February 9, 2020 at 18:05:21 CT
fatrat MU
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this is a quote from a softball site,,, thread SEC

Georgia looked nice, but they haven’t played anyone. I’ll wait til next weekend to see how good they are. I said it in the off-season, it’s a veteran team with good young players, watch out. Kentucky and Mizzou has impressed me most. Especially Mizzou’s pitching staff. LSU looked nice picking up two wins vs Oklahoma State. Miss st is undefeated after a nice weekend. South Carolina has been decent against decent competiton, I was expecting more. Arkansas... ehh I expected more and it looks like they still haven’t solved their defensive problems. Tennessee has looked good, but they have a big game coming up against Arizona later today and ASU tomorrow. Ashley Rodgers injury??? When is the last time Alabama and Florida got run ruled on the same day??? They both looked a lil shaky, but they’ll come around. Auburn competed, but I just think they don’t have enough talent. A&M and Ole Miss...this might be a long year for them.
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Mizzou SB getting some respect - fatrat MU - 2/9 18:05:21
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