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I thought it was well done

Posted on: February 9, 2020 at 14:14:42 CT
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Most of the key figures in his rise, demise and redemption were interviewed.

A few things struck me the most.

1. He was getting solid advice from many people, including his financial advisor, football coach and agent.

2. He declined to follow any of that advice because he also had an army of yes men, hangers-on and relatives that were just out for their piece of the Vick pie. At the time he was indicted by federal prosecutors (after the state of Virginia failed to do anything in the case), he must've thought he could do NO wrong.

3. He had no idea about the political power of groups like PETA, and their ability to get their agenda out on a national platform.

4. The court of public opinion was divided clearly along racial lines.

5. Once one of his "friends" flipped, the idea of taking Vick's case to court was completely ruled out. Vick's lawyers could've said that Vick had little idea what was going on at the Virginia house, since he was spending most of his time in Atlanta. But once they had an insider to testify against hime, game over.
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