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Give me a break

Posted on: January 14, 2020 at 08:41:50 CT
Mutiger MU
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Mizzou was hosed by officials vs OU (plus DA, Coffman and Pig Brown were out). OU scored 3 TD's on 3rd and Goal....that all of them had blatant holdings. Fix was on by the Big 12 in that game

Mizzou was down 3 to Auburn in 4th Qtr and game looked like a blowout because Mizzou was forced to go for it deep in their own territory and Auburn scored a it doesn't matter TD late. Plus Mizzou got screwed a bit in that game as well. Auburn scored on 4th and Goal from the 2 up 3 points in 4th Qtr.....when they should have been called for a blatant holding. Their OL grabbed and tackled our DT, in plain view of everybody. They would have been forced to kick a FG and Mizzou wouldn't have had to go for it on 4th down in own territory. A FG there also changes the Mizzou mindset, down only 6.

Now it was absolutely embarrassing that Mizzou didn't change their defensive scheme in that game at the half. One of the worst coaching jobs of all time. We did get smoked on the ground....but Mizzou put up a lot of offense as well.
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