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Sunday WBB- Disturbing Behavior

Posted on: January 12, 2020 at 21:55:27 CT
BruceInLA MU
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A couple things happened during the Arky basketball game today that bothered me.

As Nadia Green picked up her fourth foul, the AR player she fouled was standing with the ball in her hands. With the clock stopped after the foul, Green knocked the ball out of the Arky player's hands. That's a technical foul and her fifth. What a stupid thing to do. It upset the Arky player who had to be restrained. Embarrassing.

Arky had possession of the ball with a 19 point lead with four seconds left in the game. Instead of trying to score again with the game obviously in hand, the Arky player was minding her own business and dribbling out the clock, which is what all teams would do. Blackwell knocked the ball out of her hands. Embarrassing.

Those two events bothered me more than the three times we got a five second call on us in the 2nd quarter alone when we were unable to get the ball in bounds from under own own basket. Embarrassing.
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