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Some positives for WBB from the Miss St. loss...

Posted on: January 10, 2020 at 10:54:28 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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1. That could have easily been a 40+ point beat down, given the huge talent disparity between the two teams, and looked to be heading that way at halftime. But the girls showed a lot of toughness and composure in the second half, actually winning the second half 42-35, for the final 15 point deficit. They could have quit but didn’t. They played hard and tough until the game ended. Pingeton deserves credit too for how her players responded in the second half. Maybe part of that was Miss St relaxing a bit. But still, it was a positive.

2. They handled the ball much better in the second half. Had a ton of turnovers in the first half and then cut that down significantly in the second half, finishing with *only* 23 turnovers. Yes, 23 total turnovers is awful. And its not just this team (although Blackwell and Frank, the freshmen, have an alarming amount of turnovers between them); in the glory years for Coach RP, the 4 straight NCAA appearances with Sophie, turnovers were a persistent problem, and RP seemed to be unable to impact that glaring weakness.

3. Troup had a great game on offense. Led the team in scoring and minutes, 5-7 FGs, 4-5 3 pointers. If the light ever goes on and stays on for her, it would impact a very inconsistent offense greatly, and make the difference in close games. Hoping the game last night gives her some confidence, and gives RP more confidence in her moving forward.

Some people don’t believe in moral victories, but I do. Particularly in a season where actual victories look like they will be few and far between. On the whole I think this team has played better in the first 3 conference games than at any time during the non conference season, losing by only 11 on the road to a top 25 UT team, hanging on for a tough win at home to an LSU team that is currently projected as a 7 seed for the NCAA tournament, then keeping the final score respectable against a top 15 Miss St team which a significant talent advantage.

The LSU win was critical to the confidence of this team. The first 11 games in the SEC are front loaded with the toughest teams, and we get a relative break only in the last 5 games against Florida, Vandy, Ole Miss, Auburn, and Alabama.

Sitting at 1-2, we how have @Arky, SC, @ Ole Miss, @ TAMU, Kentucky, and Arkansas, 5 of 6 games against ranked teams. Followed by road games @ Georgia and LSU, where we will be heavy underdogs. Ole Miss is awful, but a 1-7 record in the next 8 games is likely.

Pingetons main job, besides developing Blackwell and Frank, is going to be keeping the team fighting hard each game and keeping their composure, as the losses start piling up.

And could she or some other coach please instruct Blackwell on proper FT shooting techniques. Good FT shooters have a consistent, set approach, take their time, and don’t rush things. Blackwell just flings the ball towards the hoop almost as soon as the ref gives it too her. No one free throw looks exactly like the one before, or the one after. Is that not coachable? Jeez.

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