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I’m pretty clear on these 5...

Posted on: January 9, 2020 at 12:33:18 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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After that Coach LA has a lot of options, the issue is going to be fitting them into open positions. But she has a potentially strong, deep group of girls to choose from.

Even with those 5, there are potential concerns. It would be nice to find a position to hide Rollin in, where her fielding issues have the least negative impact to the team. SS is of course maybe the worst position to have your weakest defensive player in, but it appears that’s where she is going to be. No everyday position she can play other than 2B and we are loaded with options there. Got to have her in the lineup though; I think she is going to follow up her outstanding freshman year with a huge year at the plate as a sophomore. And I’m still waiting for someone to push Bailey at 2B, if her hitting struggles continue.

So after those 5 you only have 4 positions left: 2 outfield positions, 1B, and DH. And tons of options.

A healthy Kessinger would of course have a starting spot somewhere, even at DH. The question is where exactly is she at with her recovery? She’s stuck with Mizzou through her injuries and all the other crap, and I’d love nothing more than for her to have an outstanding end to her career here.

I’m impressed too with Chaumont, aggressive at the plate, good speed, some pop in her bat, and versatile enough to play several positions. I think she will be in the starting lineup in February, somewhere.

I honestly didn’t see enough of the freshmen position players in the fall: Moll, Cook, Warick, and McGivern. All seem to have good potential. Will be interesting to see who from that group rises up to get some significant playing time. You think it may be Moll, and you could be right.

Then we have what I call our insurance, 3 solid veterans who all have talent, George for an OF position, and Decker and Rabbe at 1B. Any of them, particularly Decker and Rabbe, could have a breakout year in 2020, if they get enough playing time that is.

I really like the tools Coach LA has at her disposal this year for the regular positions. We of course need the veteran stars to have great years offensively: Wilmes, Rollin, Wert, and Moore. They are all potentially all-SEC players. This team will score a lot of runs and be fun to watch. The two biggest questions are going to be:

1. Pitching
2. How the team holds together emotionally with the sanctions and no ability for post season play.

I predict Coach LA is going to earn even more respect this year than in her debut season, as she shows her character in keeping the team focused and playing at a high level despite the difficult circumstance.

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