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Wrestling Question ????

Posted on: January 1, 2020 at 21:59:52 CT
Phlalum MU
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We have had a very strong wrestling program for many years now. For those who follow the program closely I am just curious. This seems to be a down year. Do we have a number of injuries? Or did we have a number of transfers? Or are we redshirting a bunch of wrestlers? Just noticed the team is not performing the way it has in the past. Thanks in advance for the info. Go Tigers!
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Wrestling Question ???? - Phlalum MU - 1/1 21:59:52
          We also had a huge unexpected transfer - lqf2b8 MU - 1/2 11:42:18
               7:40 of the video - alstl MU - 1/3 09:51:44
               To be fair, that didn't affect this year though. He was - TigerJackSwartz MU - 1/2 20:44:03
                    I did not realize that. So it isn't as bad as I thought but - lqf2b8 MU - 1/3 07:44:17
               Jaydin Eireman transfer to Iowa was a shock. I don't know - MrTruman2U MU - 1/2 12:27:41
                    RE: Here is my take on the Eireman transfer - missinglink MU - 1/4 15:46:47
                    I listened to a podcast Askren did with a wrestling coach - XRob MU - 1/3 01:34:39
                         RE: I listened to a podcast Askren did with a wrestling coach - SlimSlow MU - 1/3 08:10:41
                         That's interesting. If true I would assume Coach Smith was - MrTruman2U MU - 1/3 08:10:08
                              I would think he would want him to stay - XRob MU - 1/3 10:30:27

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