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Yep, you only need to defend the eligible receivers.

Posted on: December 3, 2019 at 10:52:47 CT
DHighlander NWMSU
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You have eleven players to cover seven of theirs. The key is quickly identifying those who can hurt you and making sure they are covered.

The Eagles wasted a lot of defenders over linemen who could only block. The biggest mistake was the guy right over the center if he would have slid out two yards into the gap he would have had a free rush right in the passing lane and it would not have been completed. Instead, he lined upright on top of the center and was locked up and taken out of the play.
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how do you defend this formation? - SEC_BIG_GAMEHUNTER SEC - 12/3 09:56:46
     Not sure why more coaches don't come up with stuff like - sprintcar STL - 12/3 10:57:48
          it's all about opportunity cost - Fire Marshall Bill MU - 12/3 11:03:22
               Or most coaches are afraid to try something that different.(nm) - sprintcar STL - 12/3 11:06:00
                    you're more than welcome to believe that(nm) - Fire Marshall Bill MU - 12/3 11:06:54
                         it's why you see more trick plays in bowls. - phrejd MU - 12/3 11:16:55
                              yessir(nm) - Fire Marshall Bill MU - 12/3 11:20:07
                         Thanks.(nm) - sprintcar STL - 12/3 11:16:22
     first you identify who the eligible recievers are. there - phrejd MU - 12/3 10:40:28
          Yep, you only need to defend the eligible receivers. - DHighlander NWMSU - 12/3 10:52:47
     Only a handful of coaches could defend that play. - Newcatbirdseat MU - 12/3 10:15:45
     the screwup was the 2 defenders over the center - Joeboo MU - 12/3 10:03:21
          he was ---#58 is on the qb immediately - SEC_BIG_GAMEHUNTER SEC - 12/3 10:09:48
               The QB (punter) just rolled away from him while his - DHighlander NWMSU - 12/3 10:53:39

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