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Coach musings..........and a question.

Posted on: December 2, 2019 at 21:36:19 CT
Ozland Tiger LSU
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Three SEC openings.

Arkansas---Lots of chatter its Lane Kiffin. Would bring lots of excitement to a moribund program and a big uptick in recruiting. Once his players are in place easily a 7-8 win program that gives fits to everyone who plays them.

Ole Miss---- going to throw everything they have after Mike Norvell. I mean everything. I never saw Ole Miss so
desperate before. He is coach at Memphis a short distance away, knows the area, recruiting and a natural fit for their program.

Missouri-------If you bring in someone with ties to the SEC and has coaching experience as a head coach then its likely Jim Mcelwain. W-L 52-31. Currently lives in a barn just off campus from Central Michigan. Not sure he would come, but Missouri needs someone very capable of recruiting the SEC footprint.

Question. Does anyone have an idea who Sterk has targeted?

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Coach musings..........and a question. - Ozland Tiger LSU - 12/2 21:36:19
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          You just described Napier, Harsin, Fickell, and Norvell(nm) - hefeweizen KC - 12/2 22:06:55
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               Barry wasnt a Memphis guy. He was DC at Mizzou. I have - hefeweizen KC - 12/2 21:46:02
                    At the time he was hired, I agree - Mormad MU - 12/2 21:50:24
                         No doubt. Coaching searches are awesome(nm) - hefeweizen KC - 12/2 21:51:41
     RE: Coach musings..........and a question. - MUTGR MU - 12/2 21:41:31
     ole miss is going to offer Mike Leach - blitz2win MU - 12/2 21:40:29
          Who/what are your sources? (nm) - JeffB MU - 12/2 22:02:46
     On here? No they don’t but it might already be done. - alwaysright MU - 12/2 21:38:20

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