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Sterk may understand this is the entertainment business

Posted on: December 2, 2019 at 20:10:18 CT
samclemens MU
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big business. And you need some national glam to sell tickets and get the national press on your doorstep. Perhaps the Kiffin stories are true. He's really the only one out there that has that X factor. He'd bring huge publicity, sell tickets, and the guy is a brilliant offensive mind; wasn't a head coach in the NFL in his 30's by accident.

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Sterk may understand this is the entertainment business - samclemens MU - 12/2 20:10:18
     he has quit or been fired from every job - blitz2win MU - 12/2 20:45:39
          Maybe, but he's 60-34 as a collegiate head coach. (nm) - JeffB MU - 12/2 20:50:34
               fau is g5 sorry - blitz2win MU - 12/2 20:51:37
     Not to mention an OC for Saban for a couple years... - Deputy Dawg MU - 12/2 20:26:29
     I just don't see it. - Newcatbirdseat MU - 12/2 20:12:35
          DADGUM URBAN PLAYGROUND RAZZLE DAZZLE????////? - Mothball MU - 12/2 20:13:23
               He's our black Kim Anderson GOLLDURNIT!!!! We may be - RayKinsella1922 MU - 12/2 20:14:15
               I wish we had some. - Newcatbirdseat MU - 12/2 20:14:11
     He's definitely not just a small-minded little ***** who got - RayKinsella1922 MU - 12/2 20:12:04

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