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When asked what went wrong, the coaches didn't know...

Posted on: December 2, 2019 at 16:35:14 CT
Zen Master Norm MU
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Gyro pointed this out below from the Sterk Press Conference. I am a supporter of Odom, but this was unbelievable. If my boss comes to me and says, "what the f happened?", I am going to have some answers.

From the STLPD article: Asked if he identified any problems that led to Mizzou’s losing streak, Sterk said, “The coaches, as you talk to them, (they’re) not sure exactly what happened. It was unfortunate. So yeah, still an unknown.”

If this is true, I don't blame Sterk for firing Odom. I would have had a list of things that were were working to correct, a plan to correct them, and an explanation of what went wrong and why.
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