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RE: Well aTm and USCe got much better draws than us, nm

Posted on: December 2, 2019 at 12:46:44 CT
beermaker33 MU
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Yes interesting draws for A&M/USC vs. MU. With USC, ok so where you go for a regionals is partially geographically based, so get us going to Neb. but USC is going all the way across the country to Wash. why not us to Wash. and USC only half-way across the country to Neb?? Our RPI is much better than USC, why do we play in a harder regional?? This reminds me of softball and having to go to UCLA vs. being in Northwestern's regional.

As for A&M hosting, shows how close we were to hosting. Had same SEC and overall record as them, but they had a nice win vs. UK. So had we held the lead vs. Florida (and not lost to Ole Miss??), but maybe win vs. UF might have been enough for MU to host
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