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RE: Women's Team Issues

Posted on: December 2, 2019 at 06:37:26 CT
motiger739 MU
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Do the women have some issues? Yes. Is there a lot of talent on this team? Yes. Pretty tough to have your #1 point guard and very athletic forward/center pull out on you (Levy and Berg) and all of a sudden find replacements. Amber is just not a "go to" person like Sophie was, it's not her fault, it's just the way she is. I love having Amber on the team and wish she could have a great senior season but it'll be tough. Tree is the same way, great athlete, great defender but not a leader. She needs to contribute a lot more for the minutes she gets. I always hate saying "wait till next year" cause you don't know who's gonna pull up stakes and find a new home, leaving you searching for a replacement at the last minute.

I think this will be Frank's team after the Christmas break, she's got to start along with Amber, Tree and Blackwell.

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