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MizzouRah's Picks Week XIV

Posted on: November 27, 2019 at 14:44:38 CT
MizzouRah MU
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Another good, not great week with the picks last week. Missouri is not eligible to go to a bowl and I don’t think I’m going to mess with doing picks during bowl season either as that has never been my strongest time of year. I’m sitting at 51-43-1 against the spread this year with one final set of games to pick!

I could spend a few minutes discussing the corruption, double standards, and general ineptitude of the NCAA but most folks are already aware of that. The way they’ve treated the University of Missouri is just doubling down on incompetence and double standards.

Let’s get on to this week’s games instead.

MIZZOU -12 at Arkansas- We suffered through the cold weather Saturday night and watched a reasonably competent performance from both teams.

My guess is we show Barry Odom the door after this game and I think given the lack of discipline this team has demonstrated most of the year it’s an appropriate move if we have a good idea for a replacement. The complete inability to handle things like weather changes and lack of accountability for personal foul penalties has convinced me it’s perfectly fine to move on from this regime.

I assume the players realize there’s a good chance their coach is finished at Mizzou after Friday. Certainly if the Tigers lose to Arkansas there is no doubt what is going to happen. Apparently, Arkansas players have been hit by the mumps and this is a group that has been largely ineffective on defense when healthy.

I realize I’ve spent more time on this game than pretty much anyone else will. It’s certainly a bit unpredictable but I think Missouri will actually start to get some success on offense and then it’s going to snowball so I like the Tigers big here.

MIZZOU is the pick 38-10

I’ve been impressed with the direction OLE MISS (+2.5) has been trending for a while. I like them to beat Mississippi State outright.

Give me TEXAS TECH (+10) to find enough on offense to keep it close in Austin.

Likewise I think WEST VIRGINIA (+13) has figured out enough on offense to compete at TCU.

I’ll make it three Big 12 underdogs by taking KANSAS STATE (+5.5) at home against Iowa State - this game is almost always a one score game so give me the points.

Actually, why stop there? OKLAHOMA STATE (+13) should compete in Bedlam at home.

I think I had the right side with OHIO STATE (-9) but some odd occurrences let Penn State in the game - I’ll take them over Michigan here.

I’ll take MARSHALL (-7.5) to stop the Florida International momentum in its tracks.

Finally, OREGON STATE (+19.5) really let one slip away from Washington State last week - I suspect they compete with Oregon and keep it close.

That’s all for this week! Good luck to your (non Razorback) team!
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