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RE: Rask will cry....

Posted on: November 9, 2019 at 10:10:26 CT
raskolnikov MU
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"the poll seemed biased" yada yada, but no mention of exactly who represented the "professional economists". Trump gets some credit, Obama gets some credit. Whoop de doo. Seems like the nation has more troubling issues with which to contend right now. Fact of the matter is that the long streak of job creation month to month began with Obama and Trump maintained the job growth trajectory.

Trump inherited that trajectory. Obama entered office at a time the nation was shedding 600,000 jobs a month. To not give credit to Obama for turning THAT into a record-breaking streak of consequetive months of job growthttp://www.tigerboard.com/boards/images/buttons/post_message.pngh is simply not honest.
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