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Most of the issues for Georgia

Posted on: November 8, 2019 at 20:38:20 CT
meansonny UGA
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Are self inflicted for UGA.
We shoot ourselves in the foot with penalties.
Receivers have had mental lapses of focus (wrong routes, tipped balls for INTs).

Areas where your players can create opportunities for Mizzou...
A dominant NT can create havoc against the tun game and pass game. Our C is very good. But he can get knocked 2 yards into the backfield with some regularity.

Several teams have gone max protect and beaten us deep with double/triple moves. Our dime and safety defenders have bit in those moves and been beaten over top.

Jordan Davis was hurt (our NT) last season and we struggled against the tun. We are dominant when he is in the game. But you guys go fast on offense and you should be able to catch us in a personnel grouping and possibly run a balanced offense to success if Davis isnt out there.
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