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He's saying HCIW Rocky Long will be a "babysitter" for Odom

Posted on: November 7, 2019 at 15:16:08 CT
ToughRichard MU
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I don't think that's how it works. Rocky will play the role of more of a consultant before taking over the head coaching job in a few years. Odom staying on to be DC isn't out of the question from what my sources have told me.
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     Good grief, I hope you are joking (nm) - JackBolly MU - 11/8 09:28:56
     But first, we bring back Alden to babysit Sterk(nm) - tigersailor MU - 11/8 04:46:50
          And Aldon to babysit the players(nm) - tigersailor MU - 11/8 06:40:15
     Well, we arent so we wont have to let him know(nm) - Jmill88 MU - 11/7 18:31:35
     What are you rambling on about now?(nm) - Diamond Dave MU - 11/7 15:01:00
          He's saying HCIW Rocky Long will be a "babysitter" for Odom - ToughRichard MU - 11/7 15:16:08
               RE: He's saying HCIW Rocky Long will be a "babysitter" for Odom - THEGROVE68 MU - 11/7 23:25:26
               As moronic as the Curators and Sterk may be - Genco98 MU - 11/7 17:18:43
               Seems implausible Odom would stick around - samclemens MU - 11/7 15:35:15
     Come on it would be a hoot and what a heckova move by the AD - MU-TULSA MU - 11/7 14:46:57
          Good point! Public humiliation to drive him away - samclemens MU - 11/7 15:34:06
               Hey saves money and he can always say, I had no idea - MU-TULSA MU - 11/7 15:43:48
                    There might be a hitch - samclemens MU - 11/7 15:55:44

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