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Mizzou wins Saturday if they do this one thing

Posted on: November 6, 2019 at 17:41:07 CT
North co-co champs MU
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Win the point battle.

Just score more points than Georgia.

I've crunched the numbers a zillion times. Looked at all the variables. Considered turnovers, TOP, total yards, plays, red zone efficiency, 3rd down percentage, etc, etc.

But I keep coming back to points being the best indicator of who will win and lose.

If we score more than Georgia, you can almost certainly book a W for Mizzou. Conversely... should Georgia score more points that Mizzou, the probability flips almost totally in the Bulldog's favor. Even when the point differential is less than a FG.

In fact, this will likely work on almost all games. Not just the Georgia game.
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