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Thoughts on a new team , and a win

Posted on: November 6, 2019 at 09:09:20 CT
Mizzhope MU
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I look forward to a new era of MU basketball , I suspect this team will be fun to watch.
New players and the off season can made this look a little rosier than they may actually be this year. Whew, it was nice to just win.
Random thoughts...
It’s impossible to project how Frank and Blackwell will fit in early in this season, so last night was a reality check in that regard.
Chavis did an admirable job and would likely have a fine senior season as the off guard.
Mizzou’s defense , especially late in the first half , was astonishingly bad. Not sure how fixable this will be.
The effort and lack of foot speed on the defensive boards was just terrible. Maybe Frank and Blackwell can eventually help there somewhat. Garner is a big body maybe she can get minutes just banging low at times.
Schucts really struggles to play the role assigned her.
Brown played well , wonder if she could have helped some last season.
Conference play this season looks bleak. I think next years additions will make that team considerably better.
This actually is a rebuilding year.
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