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Matter made a good point about expectations for KB this week

Posted on: October 8, 2019 at 12:08:18 CT
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"Now, for the quarterback, here’s how Mizzou phrased Bryant’s current status: "Knee sprain, expected to have fully activity this week." Note what that doesn’t say: "Bryant will start against Ole Miss." By all accounts, Bryant is healthy enough to play again this season, but if you’re fully expecting to see No. 7 take the opening snap on Saturday, proceed with caution.

Other than obvious season-ending injuries, Odom’s default mode is to publicly express optimism. Remember Albert Okwuegbunam’s shoulder injury last year? Every week Odom sounded hopeful the tight end would play, up until the day before the Liberty Bowl. After the season, MU confirmed he had broken his scapula. Different situation, but Damarea Crockett’s ankle injury was discussed the same way publicly. In August, Odom was hopeful Trajan Jeffcoat would miss about a week with his elbow injury. He missed four games. (Then, unrelated, he was dismissed from the university.) Two weeks ago Odom said Yasir Durant “will play, will start and play well” against South Carolina. He didn’t see the field. Odom is hardly the first coach to muddy the truth when it comes to injuries. Sometimes you can’t predict a player’s status on Tuesday before a Saturday game. But, point is, “expected to have full activity” is hardly a guarantee of anything."

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