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D vs. Ole Miss Running Game

Posted on: October 8, 2019 at 08:23:53 CT
KCTiger83 MU
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Given that Ole Miss is very committed to running the ball (yeah, I know, it was Vandy, but 415 rushing yds is 415 rushing yards), and they know Garrett is gone, it would seem that they will come out pounding (see Wyoming). 3 good rushing options including the QB.

To counter, I would consider playing A. Byers at one DE to bolster the size & strength of the DL. Both Brooks & Wilkins have the size (240 & 245 lbs) to play next to Bolton, then you have to have Oliver/Perkins in the box along with your best run stopping safety (Bledsoe or Gillespie) and dare them to throw.

Holmes/Ware/Acy/Sparks will be in single coverage with one deep safety, but think stacking 8 in the box is the best approach, and do not use 2 lightweight "pash rushing DEs". They aren't getting to the QB anyway, so let's just stop the run with our best DL who happen to mostly be tackles.
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D vs. Ole Miss Running Game - KCTiger83 MU - 10/8 08:23:53
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