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Random thought-- rule change proposal . . .

Posted on: October 7, 2019 at 22:01:41 CT
Tigerborn MU
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Any time there is a personal foul (unnecessary roughness, roughing the passer, roughing the kicker, etc.) on a scoring play, rather than the current practice of assessing the 15-yard penalty on the kickoff, which usually results in the ball being kicked out of the end zone and the ball placed on the 25 yard line, and a meaningless penalty, give the team that was fouled a choice. The choice would be to accept the 15 yard penalty on the kick-off (the only time that would likely be accepted is if there was an on-side kick possibility) OR,make the offending team start their ensuing possession on their own 5 yard line. That would give what is now a non-penalty some "teeth." Of course, I thought of this when Bryant's leg was grabbed by the Troy lineman after he threw a TD pass was forced out of the game, nearly suffering a severe injury. The 15 yard penalty assessed on the kick off was totally inconsequential.

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Random thought-- rule change proposal . . . - Tigerborn MU - 10/7 22:01:41
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