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Don't know if I'm violating protocol by posting stuff from..

Posted on: September 10, 2019 at 13:25:34 CT
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Rock M Nation (which a great source of info BTW), but nonetheless, from our friends over at RMN, the following info on Kelly Bryant. FWIW:

"Meanwhile, quarterback Kelly Bryant, who exited the game toward the end of the third quarter before heading toward the Tigers’ locker room, is still QB1 on the updated depth chart.

An MU spokesperson told the press box that Bryant’s leaving the field was nothing serious, which Odom also confirmed, saying he was just overheated. Bryant was a full participant in practice Tuesday and said he was feeling fine afterward, which means he should be ready to go once SEMO comes into town."
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Don't know if I'm violating protocol by posting stuff from.. - Tigerborn MU - 9/10 13:25:34
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          He also may have been feeling the effects of that - tigerinhogtown STL - 9/10 14:01:49
               RSDOI(nm) - ToughRichard MU - 9/10 14:10:54
          The TV announcers essentially made the same observation . . - Tigerborn MU - 9/10 13:53:04
          Methinks it was just an excuse to give Powell some PT. - corpustiger MU - 9/10 13:49:21
               It was time to pull Bryant anyway - BigDave MU - 9/10 18:20:44
               I don't think the Mizzou coaching staff needs to fake - Genco98 MU - 9/10 15:16:32
     It's a great site; and thanks for passing that on (nm) - samclemens MU - 9/10 13:43:43

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