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My GF at the time lived near the exit closest to the...

Posted on: August 13, 2019 at 14:14:46 CT
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Breaktime. There was a lot of damage on her end of the complex but her place was fine. She and her friends tore the hell out of their place later though. Landlord was Ted Boehm, who was sheriff at the time. They endedd up having to pay out of pocket beyond the security deposit. Four sorority chicks. Couldn't believe it.
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     YES lived there - o'lineydisciple MU - 8/13 16:30:23
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          My GF at the time lived near the exit closest to the... - Gyro MU - 8/13 14:14:46
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     pepperidge farms remembers. - colonel angus beef KC - 8/13 14:05:02

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