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Top 10 best summer produce...

Posted on: August 13, 2019 at 13:29:15 CT
Gyro MU
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1. Tomatoes (hothouse, heirloom, cherry, beefsteak)...glorious.

2. Corn...staple for summer dinners

3. Peaches...cobblers or just in hand. We have an orchard right by us, that's the best way to do it.

4. Blackberries...cobbler or on cereal, or just with milk. Blackberries are weird. 98% of the ones you get at the store take so long to get to you that they don't even taste like blackberries by the time you get them. Homegrowns are unreal.

5. Watermelon...another summer dinner / dessert staple. My only complaint is that they vary in quality...big time.

6. Herbs...cilantro, basil. Easy to grow at home, takes meals / side dishes to another level. Caprese salad for example.

7. Tangelo season...early early in the summer. Only lasts for a couple of weeks, but tangelos are the orange that has the nipple on top. Easy to peel, very juicy, doesn't have all the fiber overload of your regular oranges.

8. Spinach - The best way to make a salad. Forget everything else. Terrific sauteed or as a bed for a steak. Great for you too.

9. Mangos - I'm talking the big juicy mangoes that hit their stride in July / August. So so good. A great mango is almost better than any fruit out there. The yellow ones (look like a big cashew) are just okay. Can be meely.

10. Strawberries - Used to be a bigger fan but now you can find them year round and it's the same problem as with the blackberries....strawberries, except homegrowns or summer picked in US are pretty much trash these days. But so versatile when cut up. They do absorb pesticides about as much as any fruit out there. Kind of scares me away.
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