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Albert O.....

Posted on: August 11, 2019 at 16:52:52 CT
KCTiger83 MU
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I think Mizzou would be well served to work in D. Parker, B. Scales, L. Christopherson at TE, but REALLY want to see Messiah Swinson at that size become the go to TE.

Albert O. seems to be brittle and constantly out with nagging injuries. Now it's a foot. We have way too much depth and talent at TE to not use it given AO's durability. 3.3 catches/40 yards/game isn't that much to replace. He won't have an accomplished passer, so would expect the TDs to come down anyway.

He does present a matchup nightmare, and almost always merits a double coverage. Would think Swinson at 6-7 could eventually provide the same things.
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